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Find thousands of small businesses leads and easily identify opportunities for them to grow their business.

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Create Marketing Scorecards

Bizness Health instantly creates “Health Scores” for each small business, uncovering marketing opportunities that will help each unique business grow. When you come off as informed and helpful, sales are made.

Discover Small Business Leads

Not sure where to start when it comes to building your initial sales pipeline? Bizness Health will help you build a lead list tailored to your target geographies, industries, and other criteria.

Close Deals Faster

Let’s face it - selling to small businesses is hard. Bizness Health provides proven lead generation tools and sales strategies, helping you land your first deals that much faster.

What Is Bizness Health?

Bizness Health was created by Bizness Apps, Inc. - the world’s leading drag-and-drop mobile app development platform for small businesses.

With a community of thousands of mobile app resellers all around the globe, we developed Bizness Health specifically to help new resellers make their initial mobile app sales that much faster. We’ve been in business for over 6 years and have sold 500,000+ apps - Bizness Health is our way of sharing what we’ve learned along the way with the entrepreneurs bold enough to start their own company selling to small businesses.

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Track Your Pipeline

Bizness Health offers a simple, user friendly way to track your sales pipeline so you can easily track each lead’s progression through your customer acquisition funnel.

Targeted SMB Leads

Are you interested in selling to all of the yoga studios in New Mexico? Bizness Health can help with that, easily pulling a list of leads that includes contact information for each business that meets your criteria.

Health Scorescards

Consultative selling works. Our Health Scorecards help small businesses uncover marketing issues, while comparing their marketing strategies and tactics to those of their best known competitors. You come off as both credible and informed.

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